Enjoy our fresh water marina with exciting boat rides



Lake Victoria is a gem yet to be discovered. It boasts of 2500 islands – home to indigenous fishing villages and many beautiful species of flora and fauna. So it is not surprising that exploration of the Lake is one of the opportunities that we offer to our patrons.

You cannot explore the Lake without boats. So we got the boats – two of them for short offshore rides and two speedboats for long range trips. On one of them we managed to make a round trip to Mvanza (Tanzania) in just 24 hours. But it was a hard ride! We are still working on our islands trips and fishing packages but short trips and shuttle services between Munyonyo, Nyange and Entebbe are already available. Watch this space.

Water attractions

We are planning to put swimming pool with slides and “walking balls” for kids and some real open water attractions like “bananas”, “flying dragons” and paragliding for adults.



Seek the tranquility and rejuvenation you need when you escape to the calm, beautiful, lake shore gate away with a fully furnished bar, restaurant, marina and cottages. Secluded 5.9 kms off Entebbe road at Bwerenga road by the lake, our Russian grill menu, vibrant stuff, lake view and fresh breeze is meant to cater to every desire from arrival to departure – leaving you refreshed and reinvigorated. Enjoy the privacy and exclusivity of our resort and marina as you take in the warmth of Nyange Resort & Marina while relaxing by the lake side and enjoying grilled meat, fish and Shashlik over a cold drink delivered right to your chair; As you catch the breath taking sunset and bird watching.