Wedding and Honeymoon packages






Nyange Resort is a unique destination. The space in front of the lake is ideal for wedding parties that can accommodate a thousand plus people, celebrating the event, enjoying music and dancing. At the same time Nyange is so serene that it can be an ideal hideout for a pair who want to spend time together, away from the sounds and hustles of a big city. For those we can offer a free 30 minute boat ride and a bottle of a semisweet Champagne at arrival.

We have a daunting offer for those who would choose Nyange as a place for their wedding party. The groom and the bride would be offered an opportunity to plant a tree on a special groom and bride tree walk in commemoration of the event. The sigh post with a date of the event and the names of the man and the woman will be installed next to the tree. As the tree will grow, so will the family… The first born will come and play around the tree, then the kids of the kids…The tree can become a truly “family tree”, a symbol of unity and strength, bringing different generations together.