Tasty russian, caucasian, european, arabic and turkish cuisine

Soup of the day

Ask your waiter/tress the chef's soup of the day.

Fresh from the Lake

Fresh from the lake on to our hand built grill, our famous Tilapia and Nile perch are served with lemon, salsa verde and grilled vegetables; With orange sauce and black rice respectively.

Chicken Roll

Chicken breast filled with gouda cheese and bell peppers served with blue cheese sauce.

Armenian Salad

We boast of the scrumptious Armenian salad. Crafted to perfection from Tomatoes, cucumbers, bell pepper, parsley and onions by our genius Armenian Chef.

Fresh off the Barbercue

Fresh barbecue fish, chicken, beef, pork and shahslik served with either rice, grilled irish potatos or chef's salad.

Shish Tawook

Middle Eastern style grilled chicken served with garlic cream and red salsa.


Pork chops with raspberry sauce served with crispy potatoes and raspberry sauce.

Scottish hunters' Steak

It is pork served with whiskey and mushroom sauce,and grilled peppers, the scottish hunters' steak will leave you wanting more even on a filled stomach.


Please kindly Ask our amazing Barman for the available selection.


Please kindly ask our amazing Barman for the available selection.


Please kindly ask our amazing Barman for the available selection.


Please kindly ask our amazing mixologist for the available selection.